Nimble will change the way you Search, Research and Engage

Nimble_logo_blue_423.pngHave you tried it yet?

The new Nimble is here.

Nimble has extended their Nimble Everywhere strategy with two new products:

  • Version 2.0 of the Nimble Contacts Widget for Gmail (link)
  • Nimble Smart Contact Widget for Chrome web browsers (link)

Get them today. I think you’ll start to wonder how you ever got along before Nimble.

Soon you’ll just say “Nimble it” when you want to learn more about your customers, partners as well as your potential customers and partners.

It’s as simple as … Highlighting a name … of a person or a company … and right click. Then select “A Nimble Search for …”

BizDev Redefined

I predict Nimble will become the de facto tool everyone will start to use to research, review and stay connected.

Nimble will change the way you Search!

Nimble will change the way you do Business!

Nimble is simple, fast and a little different

Different in a way that I think you will like.

  • Simple - As easy as highlighting a name and right-clicking
  • Fast - Within a few seconds you'll see results
  • Different - Imagine seeing information about a person (or a company) across all their Social Streams

To get going quickly … Take the 2 minutes to watch the video


Nimble Contacts Widget for Chrome

Demo Video

Nimble Widget Screenshot.png

Before you know it you’ll start to use “Nimble” as a verb. And Nimble will change the way you Search and the way you do Business.

Cool Feature - Assign a Task

  • Want to make sure you do something with a contact?
  • Easy ... Just assign a task to yourself.
  • Sure, CRM apps do this too. That is the history of the founder ... Nimble CEO Jon Ferarra built the CRM app Goldmine

If you haven’t done it yet … take a minute to download it now.

For more information on Nimble check the website, blog and social media channels. May I recommend loading the Nimble Smart Contact Widget and then just “Nimble it” within your Chrome browser tab.

Congrats to the Nimble team. I’m already hooked!

Image and video credits: Nimble


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