Paper or Gorilla Glass

image Today I saw a post by my friend and leader of the SharePointalooza event Mark Rackley. In the post he highlighted how another friend, Ruven Gotz, was using a paper map and it got me thinking and smiling.

One of my favorite lines about paper (aka analog processing) is from Sheila Scarborough of SOBCon fame. She says she likes Paper and Pen(cil) because … they always boot.

The nice thing about paper maps is ... They ALWAYS boot!

Of course, the corollary to paper maps is ... you may never be able to shut them down properly. (Have you ever tried to re-fold a paper map?)

What’s Your Preference – Paper or Gorilla Glass?

I typically go for the glass, but there are times it’s still nice to look at, touch, hold and smell (yes, smell) a paper map.

What’s your preferred map option?

Drop a comment here. Or, write it on a piece of paper and take a pic (with your phone if you like) and post it here.


imageSharePointalooza is ramping up and looking for sponsors. Mark might even throw in a few paper maps for those unfamiliar with the Branson area. 

In case you don’t know what SharePointalooza is …

Check the website and know that it might be the most fun you’ve ever had learning about SharePoint, meeting some great people from the SharePoint community. Also, as a non-profit Mark is committed to putting the money back into the event and to the attendees to make it the best possible event.


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