Surfacing Data in SharePoint requires Differentiated Governance

imageThis week I jointly presented a webinar with Christian Buckley (@BuckleyPlanet), Chief Evangelist at Metalogix, where we spoke about the need for Content Governance and Technical Governance. The need for both may not be readily apparent, but the fact is both are required.

In every SharePoint environment there is a need to insure the system is secure, accessible and performant. That’s Technical Governance.  Every administrator, manager and end user expects these (and a few more) capabilities to be enabled.

Every SharePoint environment should also insure that the right content is delivered to the right place, to the right person, and at the right time. Where the right content means it is delivered in a format that exactly meets the users needs and expectations. That’s Content Governance.

Both Content Governance and Technical Governance are needed to deliver robust, predicable and repeatable SharePoint solutions. The business expects it. Customers and Partners demand it.

In this webinar Christian and I sought to help people understand both. We also highlighted a few things to think about when deploying their SharePoint assets.

Surfacing Data in SharePoint

Achieving SharePoint’s Destiny. SharePoint’s destiny is to be the place where information is brought to the forefront (surfaced) and made available to business users that need access in a secure, simple and easy to consume platform. I have said this for several years and now it’s becoming a reality. SharePoint is the place to surface data from disparate silos of information. From Line of Business (LOB) systems, File Shares, Legacy systems (including The Big Three – FileNet (IBM), Documentum (EMC) and Open Text) and even from other SharePoint systems.

There is an absolute need to insure both Content Governance and Technical Governance policies and procedures are in place as more and more disparate silos of information are being surfaced in SharePoint.

Content is The Lifeblood of the Businessimage

Insuring the content being surfaced is secured and being delivered to the right place, right person and at the right time in the right format sounds like an obvious need. However, too often the people tasked with using the SharePoint systems find that they don’t have access, or they cannot find the most recent version or the format does not work for them.

  • Gimmal has several products that focus on insuring Content Governance is handled in a predictable and repeatable manner.
  • Metalogix also has several products that help insure the Technical Governance aspects are handled predictably & repeatably.

The point of this webinar was not to be a sales pitch. Christian and I focused on the challenges facing customers and partners that are working hard to extend and enhance their SharePoint assets.

When done right both Content Governance and Technical Governance
are transparent to the end users.

See Christian’s write up here. Replay the webinar broadcast here.


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