WPC Post 3 of 3 --- The Post-Event Activities

image T-2 Days. The pre-show event teams have been working hard to insure partners have a great event.

Technology plays a critical role, but this event is ALL ABOUT PARTERS!

The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference kicks off up on Sunday in Washington, DC.

This is part 3 of 3 in a series of posts for Before, During and After WPC Activities. Like with Part 1 that focused on the Pre-activities and Part 2 focused on the During-activities … this post is focused on the AFTER event activities. It’s just a quick and short list of reminders of things to do after WPC. If you have tips & tricks & Best Practices to share please add them to the comments.

Many of these are common sense thing and you are probably doing some or all of them already. There is one major point to cover here. This one point will put you ahead of 80% of the pack. 

Quick Check List – After the Event

  • The One Thing --- Follow Up
    • No matter what you do … Follow Up!
    • The notes you took, the commitments you made, the actions you said you’d take.
    • Take the next step … and Follow Up!
  • Trip Report
    • Take the time to write up what you learned, who you met and as a reminder what you committed to do.
    • AAR (After Action Report) -
      • For your colleagues that did attend make sure they know what you learned and ask them for a similar report. 
      • For the people on your team that couldn’t attend write up what they should follow up on and let them know where they can obtain the content after the event. Many of the sessions were recorded and are available on-demand.
      • Pro-Tip: Consider sharing what you learned with your partners in your company newsletter.
  • Mark Your Calendar
    • At the end of the WPC there will be a video that shows where the next WPC will be held and the dates.
    • Mark your calendar to attend next year.
    • Make a note to budget for yourself and any others you want to bring with you next year. If you get it into the budget planning sessions before the end of the year you’ll be able to take advantage of Early Bird Discounts too.
  • Become an IAMCP member
    • If you aren’t currently a member now is the time to sign up. Go to IAMCP.org and click Join Us.

Re-Cap: image
Things to do in DC (at WPC at least) & Shameless Plugs

  • Sunday – Come to the First Time Attendee (FTA)session from 1-2pm (session number LS711) in room 206
    • We WILL get you to the FIFA finals on time
    • Julie Simpson, Jeff Hilton and Jeff Shuey (yours truly) will be discussing Tips & Tricks for FTA’s
  • Monday – Attend the Vision Keynote, Go to the IAMCP booth and introduce yourself.
  • Tuesday – Come to my sessions mid-day in the Microsoft Social Hub on the Expo Show floor
    • These are designed to be fun and interactive. If you are an expert in these areas already come listen and jump in with your expertise. If you are new to Social Media or want to get another persons perspective (meaning my perspective) then please consider blocking this time on your calendar.
    • Tuesday 2-2:30 for Why Your LinkedIn Profile Matters (session number LS699) in the Social Hub on the Expo Floor
    • Tuesday 2:30-3 for You, Too, Can Write a Business Blog Post(session number LS694) in the Social Hub on the Expo Floor
  • Wednesday – Attend the Vision Keynote and Attend the Partner Celebration (Get ready for Paramore and Neon Trees)
    • Go to the IAMCP Booth on the Expo Floor at 4pm – Meet with special guests from VFI, WIT, US IAMCP Board and Microsoft
  • Thursday – Attend your Country Breakout, Travel Safely back home, Do the Post-Event activities.


My Business Objectives

Yes, I have a day job too. As my WPC Connect profile says I am looking for System Integrators and ISV’s with SharePoint and/or SAP expertise. My company, Gimmal, helps Microsoft customers get to the cloud. We help them build governance and compliance solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure. We also work with Yammer, OneDrive for Business and Windows Mobile solutions. If you work with any of these products we should talk. I’m in the WPC Connect tool and my contact details are: Jeff.Shuey@gimmal.com or M: +1 425 922 8056

Not the Final Word

This is just a high level set of things for you to consider in the final week before the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. I hope they help you to have a fantastic and wildly successful WPC. I hope to see you in my sessions. I encourage you to say hello if you see me walking around the show floor or at the evening events. Who knows you might get a nice surprise.

See you in DC.

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Jeff is an expert in the Enterprise Content Management industry. He brings over 20 years of Channel Sales, Partner Marketing and Alliance expertise to audiences around the world in speaking engagements and via his writing. He has worked for Microsoft, Kodak, K2 and currently he is the Director of Strategic Alliances atGimmal. Tweet him @jshuey or connect on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google+

He is a contributing author to Entrepreneur, Elite Daily, Yahoo, US News and to the Personal Branding Blog.