It’s not Partnering, It’s Personal – Part 3

Lisa Harper ---They WON at the NFC Championship game  (18 Jan 2015)This is the face of shock, surprise and awe.

This is the face of Lisa … The Super Fan.

Part 3 of this story involves the crazy come from behind win that the Seattle Seahawks pulled off against the Green Bay Packers for the NFC Championship.

Lisa Was There!

Thanks for Representing the 12’s.

If you read Part 1 and Part 2 you know I mentioned my friend Kevin McMillen of Ryantech and how he reminded me that:

Partnering IS Personal

It started with a phone call. Kevin called to ask if I thought a mutual friend at Microsoft would be interested in some tickets he just happened to have.

As it turns out. She WAS interested. And she was available.

As you can see by the pics she made the best of it by snagging pics with Warren Moon, Blitz and her 12th Mate (aka her husband). She helped make the magic happen that allowed the Seahawks to secure a hard fought victory with just a few minutes to go.

Way to Go Lisa. I’m so glad Kevin was able to help you get to the NFC Championship.

Congrats to all the 12’s and of course to the Seahawks. Good luck in Super Bowl 49.

PS --- Kevin … Who will you surprise next?

Lisa Harper --- Space Needle with 12 flag at the NFC Championship game (18 Jan 2015)  

Image Credits: Lisa Harper, Microsoft, NFL Football. Seattle Seahawks, Space Needle


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