Notes from the Trails --- Community Leaders are Everywhere

imageCommunity Matters!

Community Leaders are Everywhere!

Who are your Community Heroes?

Take a look and listen to the video I captured the other day (see below)

In my latest Notes from the Trails I highlight three leaders in their respective communities.

  • imageJules Kremer is with Google – Where she leads the Angular community efforts. I wrote about her a few years ago at a SharePoint Conference where she is equally at home. Jules is an Amabassador
  • Jeff Barr is with Amazon – Where he is the AWS Chief Evangelist. In his role he embraces multiple technologies to help customers and partners solve their business and technical challenges.
  • Eric Ligman is with Microsoft – Where he (as noted in the video … has he deepest voice on the planet) and he also helps drive sales engagement efforts for partners.

Each is a leader in their own space, but it’s more than that. Each of them reach out beyond their communities and have become ambassadors to their extended communities. They are Community Heroes!

Who are Your Community Heroes?

imageDrop a comment here of send me a note. I will add them to a list I am building to create a Community Hero Index (CHI) and will continue to update the list as more people are identified across various industries and regions around the world.

Image Credits: livelikeandi


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