Don’t Let A Long Last Name Fool You

We are at the end of the month. In case you missed it …
March is Women’s History Month (Click2Tweet)

atom-2022632_1280With the help of smart women like the aforementioned @ALongLastName aka Amanda Phingbodhipakkiy … who DOES have A Long Last Name and a clever Twitter alias to go with it … we may be onto The Women’s History Century.

We are at The START of Getting More Women into STEM.

More work needs to be done.
Beyond Curie is a design project that highlights badass women in science, technology, engineering + mathematics.
Celebrating Women in Science

Amanda and her colleagues have put their efforts into this. They have started Beyond Curie to help get the word out. Take a look at the posters below. They are all free and they are all meant to do the same thing … INSPIRE!

Yesterday Amanda spoke about Design Thinking and showed the audience a few ideas to graphically and visually share information. Notably a terrifying example using BB’s and the US Atomic Arsenal.

I use this example for two reasons …
  1. It was a BRUTALLY CANDID reminder of how much world destroying firepower exists at the fingertips of one person.
  2. Women Can Change This. Women in STEM and STEAM can and will make an impact in the sciences and also at the negotiating table.
Humans process visual information 60,000 times faster than other forms. (click2tweet)
SNAGHTML172184b1Amanda went on to describe her work at The Leading Strand and how they use Tuckman's stages of group development of Form, Storm, Norm, Perform.

And, she also had some fun and practical examples that we can take with us back to our teams, our families, our communities.
  1. How to illustrate clever – Think about it. It’s kinda hard. Which lead to Amanda’s other points about Storytelling.
  2. Finish This Story … Where there were 7 blank spots. @ATradSquare and Ana Gamborena had fun with this. And, tweeted Elon Musk about it too. Because the day before Elon joked about Farting Unicorns. (in case you needed the context)
I’ve written and spoken about STEM and WIT --- What I call STEMWIT a few times too and will continue to do more. This cause is near and dead to my heart and to our collective future. My two best bosses at Microsoft are incredible women. I’ve written and spoken about them before too.
Women in Science … Take a Seat (You’ve EARNED It!)
There is ONE woman in this picture. Can you find her?
This is from The Solvay Conference and was taken in 1927.

Do you know who she is? Hint: It’s the woman that help discover the properties of radioactive materials and pioneered the techniques for the modern X-Ray.

If you don’t know the history of the Nobel Prize winning Marie Curie that’s OK. The Nobel Committee has made it really easy to learn more. See these two links for Marie Curie’s Bio and Facts 
She was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize and the first person ever to be awarded two Nobel Prizes. (click2tweet)

Also, don’t miss the FREE March for Science posters on the Beyond Curie site. They are all free to download.
Who will you inspire today?
This is how revolutions get started!

Code Like a Girl. Design Like a Girl. Think Like a Girl.

Let’s make this The Women’s History Century.

Thank you to Microsoft and the Microsoft Alumni Network for making it possible to see amazing speakers like Amanda Phingbodhipakkiy aka @ALongLastName.

Also, for hosting many other speakers from the tech, business, government and education worlds. For example, Margot Lee Shetterly, author of Hidden Figures and the First Female Blue Angels Pilot – as I wrote about in The 3 M's of a Blue Angels pilot.

I’m also very active in the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners aka The Much Shorter Acronym The IAMCP (which apparently can be hard to say). As part of the IAMCP charter we actively have Women in Technology (WIT) chapters all around the world.

SNAGHTML17175b01For more information on the Microsoft Alumni Network or the IAMCP see the links below. Or, please feel free to contact me directly. Each of these are member driven organizations. I’m personally involved with all three. Please consider joining us. I can promise a lot of interesting information, camaraderie and perhaps a new angle for your business and personal life.
Who Will You Inspire Today?
PS – Never let A Long Last Name fool you.
Sources: Beyond Curie, Microsoft
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