Prepare to be Inspired

Keeping inline with the other event names Microsoft just announced the renaming of the largest partner conference in the world. 

The WPC is now INSPIRE

Inspired (Microsoft - Gladiator)

You can read a lot more about it here in the blog post and announcement from Gavriella Schuster and another blog about the 2017 Event Line Up from Chris Capossela Microsoft EVP and CMO.

 What's my take on this?

Simply put, it's a smart move. It's a chance for the new Channel Chief Gavriella Schuster to put her stamp on what has become the pre-eminent partner gathering in the world. Get more details on the Inspire event.

Gavriella was named Channel Chief a little less than a year ago. She has built and extended the team that creates a great partner experience by being very inclusive and very mindful of what it takes to be a great partnering leader and to build a great partnering community.

Why Partners?
It’s simple. Satya says it. Gavriella says it.

Microsoft is a Partner Lead Company

Video announcing Inspire 2017 … Hint: See you in DC!

Introducing Microsoft Inspire from MS Partner on Vimeo.

It was great to see a few friendly faces in the video on the blog post from Gavriella about the name change the plans going forward. I spied Christian Buckley, Amy Costello, Sophie Atherton, Andy Vabulas, Nikkia Carter, and Ryan Risley. Who did you spy?


imageI also spied a few First Time Attendees (aka FTA’s)

Do you know how to identify an FTA?

See WPC and The Scarlet Lanyard

Microsoft has put together a great program with the help of the Partner Engagement Board and IAMCP members to help FTA’s and others with Mentors. This is a best practice that has really taken off and helped partners of all types get more engaged and get more out of their WPC … err Inspire … experience.

As the president of the IAMCP Seattle chapter and a 20+ year Microsoft partner I'm happy to see this name change and excited to see how we will all be inspired to do great things across the Microsoft platform and with the partners that make this community great. 

P2P and Community

[image%255B6%255D.png]Partner to Partner aka P2P is one of the best things about the Microsoft Partner Network. Together we are a community that helps each other.

They go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly.

To see more about how Partners can work with Partners take a look at the P2P Maturity Model Playbook.

What Microsoft has realized and has delivered for the past 10+ years is that the WPC existed is a way for partners to connect with partners and to hear directly from Microsoft about what's coming for:

  • product roadmap
  • solutions
  • overall engagement plans for the coming year

Why should partners care?

Digital transformation initiatives will reach $2.2 trillion by 2019
A 60% increase from last year. via IDC

Partners are the Secret Sauce

As you can see from the announcements from Gavriella Schuster and Chris Capossela Microsoft is doubling down on the efforts to make it easier than ever to engage with Microsoft. Microsoft is committed to building out a predictable and repeatable partner community. The timing could not be better.

I am inspired!

I hope you are too.

See you in DC! 

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What's next? I guess this means I get to update my 50 Tips in 50 Days for WPC.

Image Credits: Ridley Scott, Gladiator, Microsoft, IAMCP


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