When Al Gore visited Microsoft … Truth to Power

Some days are better than others.

Yesterday was one of those days.

I was able to hear and see former US Vice President Al Gore speak at the Microsoft campus. This is one of the advantages of being a Microsoft Alumni. And, of course, it’s a great advantage of being a Microsoft employee too.


It started off with my former GM at Microsoft, Rob Bernard. Where he stated the obvious yet crucial statement that led us to where we are today.

How to thrive in a resource constrained world
~ Rob Bernard

Rob has been focused on the environmental and green aspects of Microsoft for at least 10 years.And, he did a great job with the interview of Al Gore. Thanks to Microsoft for bringing Mr. Gore to campus. It was a great day to be at Microsoft.

imageAn Inconvenient XYZ

There were references to his first movie “An Inconvenient Truth” and there were references to the new one coming our on Friday, August 4th. 11 years after the first one.

The new movie is called “An Inconvenient Sequel” and it picks up where the last one left off. It also adds a lot of new information that has come to light in the past decade.

If you are interested in learning more and doing more consider joining the Climate Reality Project where everyone gets training on how to become a climate activist.

What is The Good News Message

Al Gore spoke about the The Green Economy and what it would take on a global scale to make it possible.

He said, these 4 MUST be present and supported on a global basis:

  1. Education of Girls
  2. Empowering Women
  3. Ubiquitous Fertility Management
  4. Continued a reduction in child mortality rates

Note on point 3 the US is faltering bigly. The Trump administration is turning a blind eye on this critical element. Melinda Gates via the Gates Foundation has committed $375M to expand access to contraception to counter this short-sightedness.

imageBonus: It was great to have local weather god Cliff Mass in the audience. In case you aren’t from the Seattle area he’s on NPR every day or so and he has a deep, booming baritone voice.

He asked about a Carbon Tax Initiative

Cliff’s day job is that he is a Professor at University of Washington.

Call to Action

Go see the movie. And, as Al Gore said “If you liked it … Pay It Forward and tell a few friends.”

Also, use the hashtag #BeInconvenient and in your actions … Be Inconvenient.

Image Credits: peninsula daily news, Geekwire, Microsoft


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