Kodak is making a grab for the Document Capture space

imageSure, we’ve all heard of Kodak. But how many of you know that  Kodak makes some of the fastest production scanners on the planet?

Kodak also has software to do something with all that content captured and extracted from the millions of paper based documents that go through their scanners every day.  This fits right in with my blog post from a few days ago where I claimed Document Capture in SharePoint is up for grabs and it seems Kodak is doing something about it.

imageKodak has a series of products that have been designed to work with Microsoft’s SharePoint.

I connected with an old colleague Jim Saavedra and we talked about some of the things his group at Kodak are working on to help kick start their efforts in the document capture space. He gave me a heads up on some of the really cool things going on across Kodak and with partners.


Kodak Wants to Scan to SharePoint

Kodak has partnered with one of the firms I mentioned in my blog --- Atalasoft to bring scanning-to-SharePoint to life with their Vizit SP product offering.

Document Imaging and Microsoft SharePoint

From what I can tell Kodak is making a grab for the brass ring and is willing to do what it takes to be a leader in the document capture market. Not just for the SharePoint space and the Microsoft partner ecosystem, but also to help the Big Three and other ECM vendors by providing the hardware and software to make Document Capture the analysts claim it can be.

If Kodak executes correctly they will be able to leverage their assets to become the recognized leader in the global document capture market. I wish them well and I look forward to seeing it happen.

If you want to connect with Jim Saavedra you can reach him at james.saavedra@kodak.com. He’s looking for partners – perhaps you can help ride this Kodak powered Document Capture wave.

If you are working with Kodak and have seen their efforts first hand please share your experiences here with a comment or contact me via my contact coordinates below.

Good luck and good scanning.

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sboals said…
The hardware vendors drive the market for software vendors that provide all the pieces of the puzzle: capture, archive and search/retrieve. I find it interesting that capture has been such a huge focus of the leading manufacturers lately, as it has always been the most time consuming and "verifiable ROI" portion of the equation.

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