Help out where you can

imageWe’ve all seen it and many of us are living it – directly or indirectly. Times are tough and things are tough all over. However, it does not mean we should give up or stop caring. I know I haven’t and I’m happy more than a few of my friends haven’t either.

Pay it Forward

pay it forwardI just heard from a friend today that was offered a job and he accepted. Why am I writing about that here? Because I was the one that told him about the job and acted as a reference for him. He got the Job!

It just got me thinking that everyone can do SOMETHING to help. What can you do? I suspect you can do a lot more than you think you can. Ask your friends what they need. You might be surprised at their reply. It may be small to you yet HUGE to them.

This is an example of something I saw --- maybe small on the surface, but huge in so many other ways.

Civility on the Highway


If you received some help or were extended some seemingly small kindness or courtesy I’m suggesting you Pay it Forward. Let’s be honest – who hasn’t received some kind of small gift. Someone that let you pull out into traffic, paid your toll ahead of you on the turnpike or paid you a compliment. It doesn’t have to be big. As Nike says … Just Do It!

What’s your story?

  • What have you done to Pay it Forward?
  • Who have you seen Paying it Forward?

Share your stories in the comments here and share your blog posts here too. Helping others is infectious --- Pass it on!

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Heidi Miller said…
Great reminder that we can always give something: our time, expertise or recommendation.

Last week, I found out about a Dream Job position for me. But with contracts already in place, I searched for and found other qualified applicants, met with them and passed them on to the employer.

Basically, *someone* awesome should have this job with this great company. Felt great to be able to help out!