More Praise for my LBS

imageAs most people that read my blog know I am an avid Mountain Biker and a huge fan of my LBS. LBS is short for Local Bike Shop and my LBS is Pacific Bicycle in Sammamish.They keep me on the trails by keeping my bike in tip-top shape.

I’m a fan for a lot of reasons (see My LBS is The Best). Some of which are that they organize weekly rides --- for Mtn Bikes on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights and for road bikes on Tuesdays. They also help me out when friends come to town from far off places image(See Team (SharePoint) Australia Comes to America). I’m glad they are a local business in my home town of Sammamish and I want them to stay here. So, I try to buy all my bike gear from them and I refer everyone in the area to them too. If you need a Mtn Bike, Road Bike or an around town bike go see ‘em.

It’s the Little Things & Fixing the Little Things

  • 100_9129Bolt for my brake lever
    • My brake lever was getting hinky and they took the time to replace the pin with bolt so it wouldn’t break during a ride.
  • Swap out my rear tire
    • They noticed that the sidewall of my tire was getting thing and swapped it out.
  • 100_9128Even the stuff they DON'T do keeps me on the trails
    • For example - I asked them to check the bottom bracket. They did and said it did NOT need to be rebuilt. Saving me money and giving me peace of mind.

Thanks for Keeping Me on the Trails

For this I thank the whole Pacific Bicycle crew. If your LBS is Pacific Bicycle you already know the information I shared here. For everyone else out there I hope you have a LBS that does as much for you.

Ride Hard, Have Fun, Keep Smiling!

Btw --- My offer still stands. If you want to ride let me know.

Ping me and we’ll make it happen. We have incredible trails and they are open year round. See Tweet-A-Ride, Run or Swim and Why I like living and riding in the PNW for more details.

See you on the Trails!