Why I like living and riding in the PNW

Living in the Pacific Northwest … or as some people call it the Pacific NorthWET, is awesome. Some of the best days are the rainy days. And, yes … we get a lot of of them.  This time of year is particularly nice because we also get all the fall colors. I got out and rode yesterday with Ellie before I had to head out of town again. Here are some of the pictures of the PNW. Enjoy!

100_7156 What the Chicken sees

My bike has a chicken mounted on the handlebars. Don’t worry – it’s a rubber chicken. People, especially kids, have asked me why it’s there for as long as I’ve been riding. The rubber chicken is a reminder to keep it light and have fun. Also, because it’s got a floppy neck the chicken is always nodding for me to go farther.



Ellie is my trail riding buddy. She goes everywhere and she goes FAST. If you ever thought you were a fast rider --- try riding with Ellie for any part of a ride and she’ll show you that she can have fun, run hard and can help you enjoy the ride as she clearly loves the experience. A few pics of Ellie on Sunday are below. Ellie loves to run. She heads up the trail, off the trail and back at speeds I could only hope to achieve.

My trusty Cannondale Prophet keeps meet on the trails and allows Ellie and I to have a lot of fun.100_7139Next up … The Triple Crown of Sammamish. 25 miles of single track bliss. I’ll take the pics and videos. Are you in?

Drop a comment here or drop me an e-mail. I’ll lead the ride and be happy to help people enjoy the trails. Seattle has some of the best riding in the US of A. Come on out and enjoy it. Rain or Shine, Snow or Sun, Riding in the PNW is unforgettable.

Try it --- You’ll like it!

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Open Offer to You

If you are interested in riding let me know. I’ve made this offer before and YES a few people have taken me up on it. If you live in the Seattle area or are visiting and want to get out for a Mountain Bike ride – ping me. I ride every chance I get – rain, sun, or snowWho’s Next?