My LBS is The Best

If you are a rider I’m sure you have your favorite Local Bike Shop (aka LBS). imageWhere I live in Sammamish my LBS is Pacific Bicycle and I’m a huge fan.

Why do I keep going there?
For a lot of reasons, but one is because they take care of me. They keep me on the trails and because they ride too they often show me new trails.

Customer Service – The Old Fashioned Way

I’m happy to say my LBS does business the old fashioned way with top notch customer service. They know their business and they are passionate about biking and getting people on the right bike for their riding style.

Bicycles --- at least to me --- need to be touched and ridden before making a decision. The crew at Pacific Bicycle encourages people to come in and talk shop about interests and riding styles. Also, to get measured for the right size bike and to try different bikes. I’m guessing most independent / local bike shops do this, but the mass market stores probably don’t. This level of service makes a difference to me and keeps me coming back.

IMG00186-20100626-1946 They sell Specialized, Cannondale, and Giant in both the Mountain and Road Bike categories. In my family our boys have Specialized Mountain Bikes. For the more casual riders I bought my wife and daughter Electra beach cruisers. For me - I ride a Cannondale Prophet.

imageIf you are in the market for a new bike take the time to visit your Local Bike Store. If you live in the Sammamish area I encourage you to visit Pacific Bicycle. They are located in the Saffron Center – at the intersection of 228th and NE 8th (across from Safeway).

When You Are Ready – Let’s Ride!

As I’ve offered before let me know when you are ready to ride. I ride year round usually Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday night. I ride with Ellie the Wonder Pup and often with a dedicated group of riders. By dedicated I mean they are committed to having fun, getting out and riding, and encouraging both new and old (err, experienced) riders to get out and do the same. I ride every chance I get – rain, sun, or snow.

Let’s Ride!  Who’s Ready?

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