A Clan of Raving Fans … for SharePoint

I’m not sure what the collective term is for Raving Fans.

We know it’s a Pride of Lions, a Band of Gorillas and a Glint of Goldfish, but what is it for a collection of raving fans?

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Regardless of what it’s called … there is a dedicated community of people committed to creating a Clan of Raving Fans for SharePoint.


imageKudos to Michael Lotter (@michaellotter) for creating the SharePoint Saturday organization. Michael is just a regular guy – with apparently too much time on his hands – so he did what every passionate SharePoint enthusiast would do … He created SharePoint Saturday.

Most everything you need to know about SharePoint Saturday is posted at the main web site. But, what you will not see on the web site is the energy and passion that brings together hundreds of people to each and every SharePoint Saturday event.

What you also won’t see on the website are the dozens of volunteers that make each event possible. I tip my hat to them. There are too many to name, but a few that should be called out are Tiffany Ingargiola and Cherie Taylor from SharePoint Saturday in New Orleans. Wahid Saleemi, Christian Buckley, David Constantine, Karuana Gatimu and Henry Ong from Los Angeles. They are all great advocates for SharePoint and they are creators of Clans of Raving Fans.

If you want to see a bit more click on these posts I have written about SharePoint Saturday events.

If you REALLY want to know more … find an event in your town. Or if you can … fly in to a town to share in the experience.

A Clan of Raving Fans

I have spoken at a few SharePoint Saturday events this year. I love the questions that come from the audience and the other speakers. Everyone wants to learn, share and give back.

Below are the events I have attended … so far … this year. I  hope to see you at the next one.

If you are interested in what I have been speaking about .. hint … it’s something every company needs to deal with … Paper. My presentation from the April 2nd SharePoint Saturday in LA is below.

But Wait … There’s More!

The Big List of all SharePoint Saturday events is here. Thanks to RackSpace most every event wraps up with a SharePint event at a local watering hole. The theme of SharePint (notice the missing “o”) is SharePoint by Day and SharePint by Night.

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I hope to see you at a SharePoint Saturday soon. Come find me and tell me about your SharePoint installation. I’d like to hear how it’s going – what’s working, what’s not and how I might be able to help. Who knows … you might even get a Kodak video camera for your time. Try me!

images credits: solarwindssciencefictionandfantasyart.com, SharePint logo by @pinkpetrol

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Thanks for the mention, Jeff. But you can't call out SPSLA without mentioning Nedra Allmond, who co-founded the San Fernando Valley SPUG and co-hosted this year's event in Los Angeles (Santa Monica College). She'll be heading things up again next year with Wahid, Henry, Melissa, David, Kevin, and cast of thousands. :-)
Jeff Shuey said…
How could I ever have left Nedra Allmond (@NedraAllmond) off the list of Rock Star Organizers?

Nedra --- My apologies. I owe you a soda and a pony ... and a dinner. Dinner can be at the Tommy's or L&L of your choice (for the full #SPSLA Experience see http://bit.ly/erV5T9 and http://plixi.com/p/89091873

Wait a tic ... You get to decide the place.

In addition to Nedra (and those mentioned in the post) there were several others that kept the skids greased and the machine moving --- Nicole, @kevinruess @mlayupan @jaliperti ---- to name a few.

Thank you all for making it a great event.

I'll be back in SoCal for the AIIM event in Anaheim where I'll be speaking about The Four Keys to Information Trasnformation link: http://www.aiim.org/Events . I hope to see you there.