Accountability Matters


ac·count·abil·i·ty (noun)

The quality or state of being accountable; especially : an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions

Someone needs to OWN the
Product, the Process and the Results.

While there is such a thing as Shared Responsibility
there is no such thing as Shared Accountability.

Shared Accountability is an oxymoron.

A lot of companies allow for too many chiefs to “own” one small aspect of the process, but they often ignore the critical fact that someone needs to OWN the Product, Process and RESULTS.

By process I mean everything from end-to-end. Someone needs to stand up and say “I own this” and then make it happen. If it doesn’t … Heads MUST roll. Reinforcing the maxim:

Actions have Consequences
and so does InAction.

Perhaps Harry S. Truman said it best:
The Buck Stops Here!


Brutal Honesty

I first heard this term when I worked with Geoff Nyheim at Microsoft. He was an advocate of this mode of communication. Sure, it can be painful to hear the BRUTAL TRUTH, but it beats the alternative of mealy-mouth communication that ultimately doesn’t help the organization or the person succeed.

What can you do?

  • Every Day … Seek to do things within your power and a few things BEYOND your power.
  • Take a Stance … Make a Stand … OWN IT!
  • Make a Difference

Accountability, Customer Centricity and Transparency

Brutal Honesty leads to the three things organizations need to get better at delivering results - Accountability, Customer Centricity and Transparency. This post focused on the first one. Follow on posts will address the next two.

Be Accountable!

If you cannot be accountable to a larger cause …
At least be accountable to yourself

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Andy said…
Very good... And to add to it as a first step, DEFINE what you own with your team so you can put a plan in place to really shine with that offering!