Customer Centric Thinking is Easy

imageIf you start your thinking process with the customer in mind, then think about the customer in the middle of the process and end by thinking about how the customer will use your product or service you probably have a pretty good handle on Customer Centric Thinking.

The Customer is King

Sure, we’ve all heard this before. Sometimes the customer is NOT right. Or perhaps just not informed until they are enlightened.

For example, Henry Ford said: If I asked customers what they wanted they would have said … Faster Horses.

So, clearly there are opportunities for innovation to fill "gaps” that customers don’t even know they have. A few examples include Automobiles, the Sony Walkman (now replaced by the ubiquitous iPod) and Designer Dogs.

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However, at the end of everything … the customer VOTES with their wallet. No Wallet Share = No Customers = No Business.

Bottom Line on Customer Centric Thinking:

Customers BUY Solutions
It’s Not About YOUR Product or Service.
  Think about Lance Armstrong and his book …
It’s Not about the Bike. The bike was a tool.
Consider Beginning with the End in Mind.
image Customers and Partners WANT you and your organization to be successful.
  If they didn’t they wouldn’t spend their most precious resource, TIME, talking to you. Let them help.
It’s a Virtuous Cycle … and one that will breed long term mutual success.

What do you think?

  • What did I miss?
  • How do you think about your customers?
  • Is is right to put the customer first?

This is Part 2 of a three part series on  Accountability, Customer Centricity and Transparency.

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