Community Matters --- The SharePoint Community ROCKS

The SharePoint Community is THE BEST.

SNAGHTML4f514cIf you have ever attended a SharePoint Saturday, a SharePoint TechCon or a SharePoint Conference you know that this community loves to have fun. Yes, the community is filled with lots of smart people that also love to share what they do and what they know. But when it comes to Sharing … they do it right. They Share the Point. They Share the Fun

Last week Las Vegas was the venue for the 2012 SharePoint Conference. There were 10,000+ people and 200+ sessions for Developers, IT Pros and (finally) for Line of Business professionals. I’m glad to see the Focus on LOB.

On a funny note: The Business track attendees were called Cellar Dwellers because all the LOB tracks were held on the lowest level of the Mandalay Bay. Did anyone else wonder why? I did!

ShareThis Events – How Many Did You Attend?

There were a lot of Share<insert name> activities planned and executed last week. I was lucky enough to attend a few of them. Others I just heard about and saw the pictures later. Below are a few examples. I’m sure there were many more that I missed. Share Yours in the comments … or as they say … What Happens in Vegas … Stays in Vegas might be a better option.

And last there was a great Gangnam Style flashmob organized by Marcy Keller and Dux Raymond Sy --- take a few minutes to watch the video. You will likely see a few people you know --- including the leaders of SharePoint team and the Yammer team --- Jeff Teper, David Sacks and Adam Pisoni.


Thanks to Ruven Gotz for organizing this and to Scott Singleton for taking lots of great pics. Including this one outside Shibuya with a few of the ShareSushi attendees. (That’s me on the left in the red shirt and my colleague at WinshuttleKristian Kalsing on the right)




This was setup and organized by Janis Hall for people that wanted to get their first tattoo or perhaps their 2nd or 3rd tat


This was another one that Ruven Gotz attended. Yes, he is quite social and an all around good guy too.




I mean … it’s VEGAS BABY!

This had to happen.

Thanks to Jill Kunkel and Eve Machol for getting the word out.


This was the Idera party with the SharePoint Rockstar Sean Patrick McDonough at Minus 5





This is my personal favorite.

This very kind man asked the lady in the wheelchair if he could help.

He didn’t know her. He just thought he could help. He could and he did.

The SharePoint Community Helps Others in Need!

SharePoint Community Hub

Organized by Mark Miller, Bonnie Surma and so many others it’s impossible to list them all.

Here they are making paracord bracelets in the booth. Great idea.


SharePoint Style

If you ever doubted that this community is The Best … take a few minutes to see the Gangnam Style video below … led by none other than The Man, The Myth, The Legend … Dux Raymond Sy (aka @Meetdux). In his packed room session at the SharePoint Conference he got everyone up and dancing. He taught them the moves to Gangnam Style. Several people in the audience told me later that this was one of the things they will remember most about the conference.

SharePoint Community Goes Gangnam Style @ #SPC12

News Flash: SharePoint Style … is the new dance craze that is sweeping the nation


Community Matters! We have fun. See you at the Next One!

Thanks to everyone that made all of these Share events possible. I’m sure I missed a few of them here. Just as I missed seeing lots of friends at the SharePoint Conference. If I missed you … feel free to drop a comment here and I’ll look for you next time.

I’ll leave you with My One Tip for Conference Attendees:

If you see someone say hello. At big events ... the chances of seeing them again are small. So, take advantage of the moment.

Jeff Shuey is a veteran in the Enterprise Content Management industry. Over the past 20 years he has worked with customers and partners to design, develop and deploy solutions around the world. Jeff is currently the Director of Strategic Alliances at Winshuttle. He has worked for Microsoft, FileNet, K2, Captaris, Open Text, Kofax and Kodak. He speaks and blogs about ECM and the Intersection between Social, Mobile and Cloud Computing.

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Image Credits: Some were mine, others were Scott Singleton, Ruven Gotz, Janis Hall. My apologies if I did not give proper attribution to all the pictures. If you have a question or concern about this please reply here of contact me via one of the options above.


Sean McDonough said…
Great write-up and summary, Jeff. As you know, I also agree wholeheartedly with your words of advice:

If you see someone say hello. At big events ... the chances of seeing them again are small. So, take advantage of the moment.

It was good to see you, and I'm sure our paths will cross again soon!
Anonymous said…
I came to this blog post by chance, but here is what I want to say: this is why you Americans are the greatest nation. I am european and to be honest on such events around here people are extra serious and it is boring as hell. You on the other side know well how to work and have fun in the meantime!