Day 369 … A Progression

image Day 369 … A Progression Indeed.

Progression Happens … whether we are ready for it or not.

101_0251Today marks my 369'th day at Winshuttle. As some that read the blog post just after I started know there is a somewhat of linear progression to my career thus far.

While I have changed companies a few times in the past 21 years it’s ironic how much hasn’t changed. It’s still a “no-code solution” world. Of course, a lot has changed in the past 21 years … or should I say 19 years?

19 Years and Growing

Today is also my son’s 19’th Birthday. Again, for those that read the post just after I started at Winshuttle he was born when I worked at the first company on that list. I am still connected to quite a few people I met at Kofax. Most, like me, have moved on to other things. But we still keep in touch and stay somewhat connected through our kids. Back then we are young(ish) and carefree(ish).

Now, 19 years in … responsibilities have increased and it’s fantastic to see the young man our son has grown into. He’s not only a few inches taller than I am now, but he is also going into his second year of university. Time Flies … 19 Years and Growing. I can’t wait to see what the next 19 years bring. In the meantime I’ll look forward to the next 369 days.

Things I’ve learned in the past 369 days

  • Commutes
    • I am fortunate that my commute is the opposite of the heavy traffic flow. For this I am grateful. It’s still a 16 mile commute and it takes 30 minutes. But … if I was going the other way that time would be doubled and my cortisol levels would be quadrupled.
  • Things that don’t exist in nature
    • I have also learned that there are a few things that do not exist in nature. One of them are people that know both SAP and Microsoft SharePoint. After searching high and low for these “freaks of nature” I have determined there are only a few of them out there. When I find one … I glom onto them. You know who you are.
    • My Request to you: If you are one of these unique individuals … please contact me. We have business to do together.
  • SharePoint is more Powerful and Pervasive than ever
    • I have been working with Microsoft SharePoint since it’s early days … way back in the early 2000 time frame. SharePoint has changed a lot in the past 12+ years. It has changed for the better and has become THE PLACE to Surface Line-of-Business Data.
    • One of the reasons I joined Winshuttle was to help the company transition into more of a SharePoint oriented business while helping the core of the 2000’ish SAP customers to maximize their investments in both platforms.
    • Part of this effort has led to the Microsoft Business Critical SharePoint (BCSP) program. We have been successful in our first year in the program and have had several wins. So far we have a case study on REI on We expect to do a few more in the coming months.

What do the next 369 Days Hold?

I have a few ideas, but as can be expected there will be a few changes. Some planned and some unplanned. I look forward to the journey. Both the good and the bad. Of course, it’s great during the good times, but it’s during those times of stress (some might call them bad times) that we grow, learn and Progress.

Thanks to everyone that has been sharing this journey with me. From my friends in the Microsoft, SAP, IAMCP, SMC Seattle, and Ignite Seattle communities to the people I ride Mtn Bikes (FUBAR’s … you know who you are) and Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boards with. And, of course, to my family. Thank you! And … again, Happy Birthday to our son. The next 19 years will be an incredible ride. I’m looking forward to the next 369 days to kick it off.

image Day 369 … A Progression indeed!