Tech Rock Stars Can Have One Name Too

In the world of Rock and Roll there are stars with just one name that are known globally.

Cher, Madonna, Mick, Sting, etc.

The same is true in the Tech World.

Jobs and Gates come to mind. (even though they often are referenced with both of their names)

I also recognize Gavriella in this category too.
Do you know Gavriella?
If not, you haven’t been paying attention.
Or, you aren’t in the Microsoft Partner Ecosystem.

Who is your favorite One Named Tech Rockstar? (click2tweet)

If you are in the Microsoft partner ecosystem you would likely have seen Gavriella on stage at the Microsoft Inspire event. The annual get together for the Microsoft partner community. Which happens to be the largest Partner to Partner community event on the planet.

What Sets Gavriella Apart?

She cares!
She shows she cares by being responsive.
Not just responsive for the sake of responding. She also is insightful.

There are very few people at her level with this level of responsiveness.

It truly sets her apart.

In addition to her 20+ years at Microsoft she also gives back to the community. She continues to be an amazing advocate for the IAMCP and the IAMCPWIT. Where Partners and Women in Technology are the primary focus areas. She also continues to advocate for STEM and STEMWIT efforts.

Getting to Know Gavriella

If you don’t know Gavriella … here are a few quick ways to see what she’s up to.
You can also follow her on LinkedIn or Twitter. If you see her at an event say hello. I predict you will have a great conversation.

If this post looks like I am a fan of Gavriella … you are reading it correctly.

Another one to watch at Microsoft:
Another person that “gets it” at Microsoft and continues to be one of my favorite people is Kati Quigley. She has been at Microsoft about 1/2 the time as Gavriella yet in that time she has set herself apart as a great leader. She continues to impress and amaze me. I have written a few posts about Kati too - Every Day We Negotiate and Kati’s 10 Guiding Principles.

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The Leader Microsoft and the POTF Needs

If it’s not obvious … I am a fan of Gavriella. She is setting the pace for what executives should be. I encourage Microsoft to find more Gavriella’s and Kati’s. The company needs them. The partner community needs them. The Partner of the Future (POTF) needs them.
Thanks for reading.

What say you? Please share your thoughts about leaders that inspire you in the comments. Or pile on to my comments about Gavriella.

So, who are your favorite leaders that can easily be recognized with just one name?
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