Praise your LBS

I rely upon my LBS to make sure I can ride all year long with a minimum chance of having mechanical issues. In case you don’t know the term LBS it stands for Local Bike Shop. Everyone who rides a lot has a personal favorite LBS. For me it’s Pacific Bicycle in Sammamish. What’s your favorite LBS?

imageWhen I do have a mechanical issue I know there are a couple of guys that will make it right. I rely upon Alex, Matt, and Ben at Pacific Bicycle to fix, tweak, and advise me on what my bike needs. Scott & Kristie are the proprietors of Pacific Bicycle and they have been great to work with over the past 10 years. I think we have purchased 9 bikes --- so far.

Derailleur Fail This is my recent mechanical issue --- A stick found it’s way between my derailleur and the frame. The result was a “two-piece” derailleur --- when they are supposed to be just one piece. This was a pretty obvious mechanical issue to fix and the PacBike guys got right on it and had me back on the trails in no time. THANKS GUYS!

Do you have a great Local Bike Shop (LBS) that you rely upon? How have they made your rides or riding better?

Talk about them here --- drop a comment below. If there are enough comments I’ll blog about them. Also, when I visit your hometown I’ll want to stop by and visit your LBS. Maybe we can get in a few rides. I love riding with locals --- you guys know the trails. I’m happy to reciprocate when you come to Seattle.

Below are a few more of my thoughts on Mtn. Biking – Enjoy! When you are ready --- come on out and ride with me.