A Mountain Biker Christmas List

If you are looking for gift ideas for the Mountain Biker in your life here are three indispensible things your rider needs. Especially if the rider is YOU!

Question: What do Seal Skinz, Thinsulate Gloves and Peet Shoe Dryers have in common?

Answer: Three things every Mountain Biker needs.

If you (or your rider) lives someplace where it gets cold and wet these three can extend your season to be Year Round. I ride all year and here’s Why I like living and riding in the PNW. I have all three of the these. You should too.

Answer #2: They prevent Winter riding from become Whimper riding.

For me I find that if my fingers and toes are warm the ride is a lot more fun and I can stay out in the elements much longer.

Simple Formula: Fingers & Toes = Not cold = Great Ride

Peet Shoe Dryer

Starting your rides with warm feet is pure heaven.

Where to Buy: Online, specialty stores and big box retailers.


Thinsulate Gloves

I use Specialized gloves. They work well in the inevitable mucky and wet PNW conditions while keeping my fingers toasty.

Where to Buy: I get mine at my local bike shop (LBS) – Pacific Bicycle in Sammamish. If your LBS doesn’t carry Specialized you can find them online

Seal Skinz

Worth their weight in gold. They keep your feet dry, which means they stay warm. ‘Nuf Said.

Where to Buy: I also get these at my local bike shop (LBS) – Pacific Bicycle


I can be soaking wet and still have fun … if my fingers and toes are warm I’m smiling.image

Make sure your Winter Riding does not turn into Whimper Riding.

I ride year round and I hope you do too. If you have ever wanted to try riding in the Winter get the right gear and call me.

Open Offer to You

If you are interested in riding let me know. I’ve made this offer before and YES a few people have taken me up on it. If you live in the Seattle area or are visiting and want to get out for a Mountain Bike ride – ping me. I ride every chance I get – rain, sun, or snowWho’s Next?