Soaring Eagle Park will henceforth be known as Dirt-Gilman Trail

Effective immediately … Soaring Eagle Park will known as the Dirt-Gilman Trail.

Why? Because the formerly fun trails at Soaring Eagle Park have been “paved” over by ne’er-do-well’s and have made the trails about as challenging at the Burke-Gilman Trail.

Note: The Burke-Gilman is a paved path that connects Marymoor Park to Seattle. It’s great for road bikes and casual cruises.

My simple mantra is:

Ride the Hazards!
If you can’t Ride ‘em --- Walk ‘em.

Note: If you can’t walk ‘em you may need to find a new sport

If you have been out to Soaring Eagle Park lately … you have probably noticed everything has been smoothed over and turned into what is effectively a paved path. Anything that could provide any kind of a challenge for a biker, hiker or horseback rider has been removed. Mounds have been smoothed, logs have been cut and the trails have generally been made ready for Triple Wide Strollers. Which means … the trails aren’t that fun.

Swizzle Stick or Dime Thick … Whichever is smaller


We used to be able to say … Ride the Hazards

Not anymore … at least, not on the Dirt-Gilman Trails. All of the fun and semi-challenging things have been removed.

There is a rule of thumb that says “a log or obstacle smaller than your leg should be left as is” as a hazard for people to build their skills. Apparently the neer-do-wells working on the trails at Dirt-Gilman have decided that anything larger than the swizzle stick in their Shirley Temple should be removed.

Fun Hazards
(Ride ‘em or Walk ‘em …
Don’t Remove ‘em)

The New Standard


While I don’t expect the ne’er-do-wells to even understand what they have done. I will be happy when they get bored and move onto their next project.

In the meantime … perhaps some of them know how to read and will have seen this post. Below are a few additional posts that may help. The first one especially.


Eric said…
Love it. Lets just pray for the next big windstorm - and it will come. And for the misguided trail improvement team, please dedicate the next 10 years of your lives to fixing up the waterline trail