Tribute … Pedaling a Community

imageLast night I had the pleasure of attending a retirement party. It was a party organized by Steve and Chelsea at their house for two of the best community builders I know --- Scott and Kristie Frericks.

They formed Pacific Bicycle Company in 1994 and have been helping the local community ever since. They have done an incredible 19 Years of Community Building.

A Few Pics from Last Night

Scott’s Favorite Line –

Ride Whatever Puts a Smile on Your Face!

Scott was more interested in helping people start pedaling than pedaling bikes (think about it). Sure, it was a “for profit” business, but I think Scott and Kristie realized the value of a community will come back ten-fold. For this, and a few other points I mention below, I say they are some of the best community builders I know. And I thank them for it.


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Scott & Kristie Frericks
Pacific Bicycle Co. 1994-2013

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imageIf you have ever stopped by the shop, which for a while was the “Tallest Bicycle Shop” on the Eastside, then you’ll know that Scott, Kristie and the whole crew of people that work there (and hang out there) are committed to cycling.

19 Years of Community Building

Long before Social Media was so common “the shop” rides were communicated to the community in the old fashioned way – telephone, chalkboard or just by <gasp> stopping by and asking.

When I first met Scott it was on the trails that are now called “Soaring Eagle Park” back in ‘99 or early 2000. I was riding my old Klein Pinnacle (which I still have) with a bell on it and no suspension. Although Scott cringed at my bell he still talked with me and let me know about the shop and let me know there are regular “shop rides” that were open to everyone. Community Building at it’s finest.

A Few of the Community Engagement Efforts

  • Rides – Check the board in the shop for “Shop Rides” – hanging on the wall in the shop is a white board (it used to be a chalk board) with the rides for the week.
    • Hint: Tuesday nights are evening road bike rides. Wednesday is night Mtn. Bike rides at 7pm --- year round. Sunday’s are 9am Mtn Bike rides.
  • Giving Back – Supporting the BLT (aka the Beaver Lake Triathlon, collecting bikes for kids in need and helping local kids (and adults) that need a little push to get pedaling on their own.
  • Talking Shop – Quite often I’d stop by the shop because I convinced myself I need to pick up something … a tube, a tire, some clif blox … but really I just wanted to stop by to talk shop and catch up. Quite often I’d run into a lot of other guys and girls that had the same idea. That’s Community!

Of course, they have a website, Facebook page and Twitter presence now. But before Social Media was common they connected the community for rides, for giving back and as just a fun place to hang out.

Paul Will Pedal On

imageNot to fear. The Pacific Bicycle legend will live on. Paul, the new owner, and his team will keep building bikes, renting skis and snowboards and supporting the Sammamish community. For this I urge you to keep coming by the shop – going on rides, giving back and just talking shop. Because the shop and the team are only one half of the Big Picture. Together … We Are the Community.

My (not so) subtle request … Keep it Rolling.

The Future is Just Beginning

Scott and Kristie --- You Will Be Missed.

Enjoy your time off and we’ll see you on the trails.

Which reminds me of Scott’s other favorite line while out riding on the trails. He would say this at any time during a ride … especially when we were facing a daunting uphill section.

It’s All Downhill From Here


Anonymous said…
Thanks Jeff for sharing. I did not hear about the retirement party till it was too late. Scott and Kristie will be missed even though I was not a regular on the group rides and in the shop I will always remember then for taking care of me and showing me the ropes when I first started biking. Good luck in retirement.

Bob Manipis
Anonymous said…
Not "will be missed" - ALREADY missed - but I'm so glad the shop is in good hands. Scott & Kristie your quality bikes and fantastic service have made my quality of life so much better over the past 10 years I have lived here.