What a Difference a Brake makes

imageI really enjoy riding my collectors edition Klein Pinnacle, but I have to say I really missed knowing I'd be able to bomb into the corners and KNOW I’d be able to slow down.

V-Brakes or Cantilever Brakes are great for training and building your skills, but they are somewhat unpredictable with regards to stopping power (see pics below).

I bought my Klein Pinnacle in 1987 and it has Cantilever Brakes. This is what I mean by "What a Difference a Brake makes"


Disc Brakes are as Good as Gold

My new bike with 8" discs.

It’s a Specialized Enduro



A Little Brake Education
Disc vs. Cantilever
Disc Brakes
Are worth their
weight in gold
Cantilever Brakes
Are great, but they are affected by mud and muck – this is especially true in the Pacific NorthWet
(no that’s not a typo)
Disc brakes rock!
Knowing you can bomb into the corners is a huge factor in determining how fast you can ride the trails. Knowing that a slight bit of pressure from one finger can really may a difference. Disc brakes allow for this kind of control and I am grateful my bikes have them.
"Races are won in the corners"
~ Russ Darnell

imageOne of the things I did when I was younger was get to attend the Russ Darnell Motocross School. It was held over two days at the now long gone Saddleback Motorcycle Park in Orange County, California. (btw – this pic is of Russ back in the day)

We learned a lot at this class and one of the most important things he said was that races are won in the corners.

The corollary is that “Races are won in the straights” --- Which is also true. The faster you get through the corners the sooner you can accelerate down the straights.

Kudos and Props

imageThanks to the Specialized SBCU team - @JohnFriedrich @TanTLam and the @iamspecialized crew - for taking me on a ride on Super Bowl Sunday (this is a post I wrote that day in the Demo Forest).

For letting me ride an Enduro and a Stumpjumper and compare the two. I thought I’d go for a Stumpy, but after riding them again … I chose the Enduro.

I’m REALLY enjoying riding my new Specialized Enduro. It’s smooth, fast and I gotta say I LOVE those 8 inch disc brakes.

imageAlso, thanks to my Local Bike Shop (My LBS) – Pacific Bike and Ski. They keep me on the trails and keep me smiling.

See Praise Your LBS for my post(s) about my LBS.

Below are a few more of my thoughts on Mtn. Biking – Enjoy!

When you are ready --- come on out and ride with me.


Mr DNA said…
Glad you like the Enduro, Jeff. For more powerful (massive...dense) guys like you and me the weight difference in an all mountain bike is really negligible but they are SO much fun! I had the pleasure of meeting some guys from Pacific this winter- I'm glad to know that they are your "go-to" shop.
Ride the crap outta that thing and hopefully we'll be able to ride again soon!
Jeff Shuey said…
Thanks Mr DNA -- for the comment and the "subtle" reference about our relative densities. I agree. A beefy bike can take a good riding and keep on ticking ... over and over again.

If you make it to Seattle again. Let's ride. If I can get to Bozeman I'll ping you.