Mtn Bikers Christmas List–Part II

A few more things to add to the Mountain Bikers Christmas list. In case you missed part I take a look here - A Mountain Biker Christmas List

I like to ride all year. Rain, snow and even during the occasional sun break here in the Pacific Northwest. For fellow hardy souls here are a few more tips to add to the Mtn Biker Wish List.

I use a MiNewt by NiteRider. It works great and lasts 3+ hours.

You may never think you are going to ride at night, but I can tell you from 10 years of night riding experience there is NOTHING like it. You can ride the trails you usually ride in the daylight and it will be a completely different experience.
Try it. You’ll like it.


My LBS is Pacific Bicycle. I hope you have a great shop like Pacific near you.

They also sell and rent Ski & Snowboard gear for those that don’t have the “Ride-in-the-Snow” bug … yet!

A great Local Bike Shop (LBS) is nice to have too.

Why? Of course, they can fix your bike, they can offer advice so that you can take the wrench into your own hands. And the really great bike shops organize rides.

My LBS organizes and leads rides for all levels of riders.


Hydration Pack

I like my Hydrapak’s – I have 4 or 5 – different sizes for different rides lengths.

For long rides I carry lots of water and food for Ellie. Ellie LOVES to ride/run too.


Bike Maintenance Toolkit

  • Chain Lube
  • Chain Break Tool
  • Multi-Tool
  • Pedal Wrench – so you can swap bikes with friends
  • Slime – especially if you have kids (see The Three Essentials)

Stuff for the Hydration Pack (during rides)

  • Crash Pak by Brave Soldier. First Aid is important
  • Whistle – Easy to carry, clips to the outside of the pack, hopefully you never need it.
  • Spare Tubes --- Seems simple and obvious, but flats happen. Be ready.


A Trusty Riding Companion

I couldn’t resist.

Our dog Ellie loves to get out for what I call Ride / Runs. Of course, she can’t ride, but she gets to play in the water, snow, and to hang with a bunch of sweaty bikers.

Worst case … if you can’t find that perfect gift you can always get a gift certificate and let the rider in your life pick what they want.

imageI hope my list helped you a little bit. If you have suggestions I’d like to hear ‘em. Put a comment here and let the world know what you want and need for a perfect ride.

If you are looking for a little more about Mtn. Bike riding take a look at the links below for Why I Ride in the PNW, Bike Maintenance Basics and Why I Offer to take people out riding.

  • Why I like living and riding in the PNW
  • The Three Essentials of Mtn Biking
  • Trail Building Tips –
  • Indispensable Tools to Make your Rides and Life Better
  • Tweet-A-Ride, Run or Swim

    Can I ask you a question?   Why do you Ride?

    Drop your comments here. Add your suggestions for the things that are on your wish list (I’ll do my best to make sure the right people see the list). And … if you make it to the Seattle area let me know if you want to get out and ride.

    Thanks for reading. Ride Hard. Have Fun!

    Happy Holidays!


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    Heather said…
    I love this post Jeff, great list! I don't ride as much as I should but I love it when I do. One thing I love for biking, camping, and for the car in general is this gizmo - LifeGear LED Glow Stick Flashlight and Whistle (its an all in one that is super handy and it comes on a lanyard). Happy riding & happy holidays! hedda