Arena Sports Gets It – The 3 R’s of Local Business

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From my tweet this morning about a local business that’s doing it right. imageA local Redmond based company by the name of Arena Sports caught my attention with a reminder for an upcoming game. You might think --- so what? --- but for our busy family a reminder for an upcoming game is a nice touch.

I’m a big proponent of supporting local businesses. Especially businesses that take the extra step to keep me coming back. I’m happy to spend money with local businesses because I want them to stick around and continue providing a great service.

What does a reminder do?

  • Reinforces – While it’s obvious a reminder reinforces something you have already committed to do it’s still important to remind and reinforce. Everyone is busy and a reminder now and then helps keep us on track.
  • Revenue – As Woody Allen said “90% of success is showing up” – again, this one is obvious. In business - having your customers show up can be the difference between living to sell another day and … the alternative.
  • Returns – as in Many Happy Returns. This simple and seemingly obvious act of sending me a reminder will make me want to work with them again.

What Local Businesses in your area are Doing it Right?

  • How do local businesses keep you coming back?
  • What reinforces your desire to return?
  • Do these return visits cause you to spend money at these local establishments?

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What Local Businesses in your area are Doing it Right?

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